Trio sand washer parts from Echo Machinery

Trio series sand washers are frequently used to clean and dewater fine aggregates, fine-tune end products to meet specifications and to separate out slimes, dirt and fines. They are most often used to process products including concrete, mason, mortar, plaster and golf course sands.


Echo Machinery would like to share with you our 25Tons Trio wear parts paddle tip and flight shoes suit for 36x25 and 36x18.


Including 36x25 Fine Material Log Washer Flight Shoe(RH), TTCW 36x18 Twin Coarse Material Log Washer Flight Shoe (RH),TTCW 36x18 Twin Coarse Material Log Washer Paddle Tip (RH).


We produce the high chrome material so that it can last longer and cost-effective.

If you need these wear parts, please type out your machine model and qty you like.The free sample are available.


Before Reference photos:

share with you our Trio sand washer parts video


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