When you choose to work with Echo Machinery, you know you are getting the best machining experts. Our CNC machine can handle material hardness from HB 200 to HRC 62. In order to maintain efficient cutting, Sandvik is our first choice of tool .

Below is our Machining Equipment list.

Machining Equipment list.

14 sets of box-type resistance furnace and gas furnace

18 set of Gantry planer. Max.3.5x8m

12 set vertical tuning Max. Dia.4 m

10 set horizontal tuning Max. Length8m

5 set Boring Machine Max. Dia.2m

6 Set Milling Machine Max. 3x6m

3 Set Drill Machine

5 Set Gleason Gearing machine

Whether your requirement is a300mm diameter part or a huge component with a diameter of4mor a length of8m, turned and bored within .001, complex milling/drilling, deep hole drilling, grooving, or grinding, Echo Machinery gets the job done quickly, accurately, and cost effectively.