Sourcing New Suppliers

Given the growing cost of products and local manpower, if your company starts or plans to work with Chinese suppliers, you may need to source qualified potential suppliers inChina. Echo Machinery offers you the following services:

1. Recommendation of potential suppliers/producers.

2. Communication with potential suppliers to get trial samples or quotations.

3. Factory audit/visit assistance—your GPS and interpreter/guide when you are inChina.

4. Support communication or translation between you and potential suppliers.

5. Handle or control unexpected situations—(for example, how to politely and safely refuse an unqualified supplier who made a lot of effort on your reception, like a decent lunch).

6. Activate business cooperation.

7. Supervise quality during production and inspect the finished products.

8. Arrange safe, swift and cost-effective transportation.

9. Offer regular after-sales calls and improve product quality if you complain to us.

10. Solve and coordinate any quality problems with sold products.

11. Keep and maintain a cooperative supplier relationship

If you are busy or not familiar with Chinese suppliers, Echo Machinery is your first-choice.

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