Supervise Your Suppliers

You may have already worked with Chinese suppliers but you did not have a pleasant experience or even had problems with them. You may have communication problems. The Chinese supplier may have a quality control problem with your ordered goods. They may even delay your urgent goods or shipping date. What should you do? Echo Machinery offers this service --- Supervise Your Chinese Suppliers

Echo Machinery offers the following to you:

1.      Ensure good communication between you and your Chinese suppliers and solve the problem no matter whether it is a technical, quality, delivery time or even payment problem.

2.      Dispatch professional technicians to your Chinese suppliers’ factory to make an inspection during production or to make a final inspection.

3.      After you pay for the goods, Echo Machinery offers professional, safe and swift transportation solutions to you.

"To Give real service you must add something which can not be bought or Measured with Money, and that is sincerity and integrity" Douglas Adams


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