Shredder Hammers -- Super September 2023

Echo Machinery would like to share our shredder hammers with you, please check this Youtube video:

Our available materials for the shredder hammers are Mn13Cr2, Mn13Mo, 30CrMoni and customized alloy, dual hardness shredder hammer, manganese steel with ceramic, alloy with ceramic etc.
Besides the hammer, we also can produce other wear parts for metal shredder, such as grate, pin protecter & cap, top gridt, anvil and reject door, etc.

2023 Super September is on and it is right time to purchase for end of 2023 Jobs Preparation.
You not only win decent discount but also have great gifts as well as FREE SAMPLE to test our quality! It is only valid from 15th., Aug., 2023 to 15th., Oct., 2023. 

For more information or help, please contact today.

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