High manganese ball mill liner for mining company--Echo Machinery

Here we glad to share with the small alive video of our produced 100 tons crusher wear-resistant parts.


By using resin sand casting technology ,we made precise machining and great casting appearance on the surface of jaw plate and cone liner .

All of our material produced by US ASTM material standard, which makes our jaws and cones very hard and tough.


The reasons why our client order 100 tons crusher parts one time are that our products have great hardness and toughness, what's more, our customized material is 15% longer lifespan than European and Original ones.

Meanwhile, our price is 20%-30% lower than original, that's why our client work with us more than 10 years till now.


When choose Echo Machinery, you will get 50% lower saved cost by working with us.

If any interests, contact us to get swift professional beyond expectation answer today!