Share with you MCO9 concave and mantle - Echo Machinery

Echo Machinery would like to share with you MCO9 concave (part numbers: 2295649 and 2295646/2588099) and mantle (part number: 2295672/2588101) that we recently produced for a client.

We follow ASTM A128 material standard, and support Mn13Cr2 (Mn14Cr2), Mn18Cr2 and Mn22Cr2 (Mn24Cr2), TIC and customized materials.

We use the resin sand casting technology, and precise machining on the fitting surface to ensure correct dimensions. What's more, we apply special heat treatment to the products to obtain tough liners that will last longer.

We can also manufacture wear parts for other crushers, please enquire with your machine model and original part number. More than 10,000 crusher wear parts patterns are available!

If you have any interest in our products, feel free to contact us!