Share our 80 tons Ceramic Hammer for P 090, P 100, P 130, P 131 Model - Echo Machinery

Echo Machinery is glad to share our 80 tons ceramic hammers for P 090, P 100, P 130, P 131 models.

The center threaded hole is precise and smooth, making lifting and changing hammers easier and safer.

For these hammers,

1. We pack 4 pieces in a pallet with a weight tolerance of 0 to 0.3kgs to achieve perfect balance.

2. We precision-machine the fitting grooves and surfaces.

3. We use the Ceramic Master Technology and paint it blue.

As a result, all hammers have high hardness and toughness and our quality is superior.


1. Each floor is supported by wooden boards to make buffer during transportation.

2. This pallet makes sure the hammers are lift up easily.
3. All these pallets made by EPAL are easier to handle by forklift.
All these pallets made by us have the Refumigation stamp for smooth importation of goods.

If you are interested in our ceramic hammers, please contact us today!